If it looks like Winter and feels like Winter, I'm calling it Winter! We got a beautiful ten-inch snow here in late October, and it hasn't been really warm since! What a great way to usher in my favorite holidays! Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas are all about life's most important things...Faith and Family. Let's celebrate both!


Cobalt & Curry is a studio located in the Colorado mountains. We hand paint all of our bowls made to order just for you. We love art, the mountains and are inspired by the colors of nature.


Our Inspiration, beautiful mountains and the gorgeous colors of the sunset
First, we start with our hand turned bowls, made from American Hardwood.
Then, brushes and paints are "at the ready!"   
Brushes and Paints are ready!
There are thirty steps involved in painting each bowl.
Thorough drying time is an important part of the process.
The result is a vibrant finished product!